Tuesday, September 10

Your Body's Best Jacket

Want to know the best style of jacket for your body type? Steal some flattery tips from me and then shop for your shape starting with these super-stylish pieces!

If you're an hourglass, meaning you have hips, a larger bust, and narrow waist, you should accentuate only one of these at a time.  With a cropped jacket, it's your hips.

French Connection


If you're short-waisted....cut is important.  Wear jackets that fall below the hip. This one lengthens everything.


If you're straight up and down and you have a slim, boyish figure....girly up your look with bright colors and skinny bottoms that emphasize long legs.

MARC by Marc Jacobs

Diane von Furstenberg

If you're petite....wear jackets that pop out your shoulders, and that aren't too fitted. The elastic hem on these help to elongate and drop your waistline.



Some more tips on fit

Dark sleeves narrow shoulders

La't by L'AGENCE

Asymmetry downplays a bust, while angled zippers and darted jackets whittle your middle.


Diane von Furstenberg

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