Thursday, November 14

Overhaul of the Overall

Jason Wu, Phillip Lim 3.1, Tracy Reese

I'm gonna come right out and say it.....Overalls are now a DO!  Allow me to make my case.  Well, ladies, we're in the midst of yet another overalls resurgence and instead of taking a few cheap shots I'd like to take a stand for the defense. (Remember I'm a lawyer and can pretty much make an argument for any fashion trend!).  Haters say this look is for juveniles, but I say it's a sign of women's lib and empowerment- afterall in WWII overalls were synonymous with the rise of working women in factories.  Some naysayers believe overalls look "hillbilly"  My counter: IN the eighties Princess Diana made the farming uniform an outright fashion trend- for royalty!  Finally, today's designers like G-Star and Citizens of Humanity have fine-tuned the overall, and made it mega stylish with a tee and flats or a bra top and heels.  And no, this look is not fleeting:  I spotted it at the Rag & Bone and DKNY Spring 2014 shows.  Case Closed!

So.....buckle up, but before you do keep these DO's and DON'TS in mind for sporting overalls that are all grown up!

DO:  Cuff the legs and leave one hook undone for a look that's casually cool.

Lily Collins

DO: Try it with a striped tee for a French girl flair.  Top it off with a fedora for a look that's tres chic!

Zoe Kravitz

DO:  Toss on a peacoat and cap-toe flats for an elegant spin on this traditionally casual look.

Alexa Chung

DO: Skip the denim and go-dressy in a sweet print.

Ashley Madekwe

DON'T:  Wear them in leather iterations with a sweatshirt underneath and combat boots.  Total fail, Riri!


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