Sunday, December 28

Art House

Given the level of craftsmanship and the amount of intricate detail evident in every Valentino piece, the line itself really is a work of fine art.  So it seems only fitting that its Resort '15 Collection is inspired by the famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.   Kahlo is best remembered for her self portraits, which feature a bold, vibrant use of color that taps into an indigenous Mexican tradition.  The resulting range of clothing and accessories takes cues from this aesthetic with tight, clean silhouettes that let juxtaposing saturated hues shine alongside amazing flora-and-fauna patterns and embroidery (case in point, the awesome butterfly bomber).  These pieces seamlessly join masculine and feminine elements, and exude luxury while simultaneously feeling young and versatile.  To me, it's a testament to the offerings' brilliance that such sophisticated items can also be worn with a wild flair: A beautiful, long white dress pairs perfectly with trainers, and a ladylike frock goes great with a backpack and  brogues.  It's enough to make an art enthusiast of anyone!

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