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7 Rules for Dressing For a Job Interview

The new year is upon us and for some a new job is on the horizon in 2014.  Whether you're entering the job market for the first time or are starting over in a new profession, I can help you dress for success!  I started my current job approximately one year ago, and as I was interviewing for the position, I found myself wondering what was considered appropriate dress for a modern day professional woman.  After some research, I was happy to see that female dress codes in the workplace were becoming much more liberal than they had been in the past, even just five years ago when I graduated from law school.  My experience, as well as a recent inquiry from a law school friend seeking my advice on what to wear to her own job interviews, inspired me to write this post.  Like me, my friend wasn't quite sure what was appropriate interview attire because she hadn't interviewed for a new job in over four years.  Like many women, she believed that traditional dress codes still applied and that you could only wear a blue or black skirt suit.  Because our experiences were so similar, I knew that there had to be several other women out there in the same fashion dilemma.  Below, I have complied seven rules for modern day interview dressing and have created four different looks for those on the job hunt.  You'll be sure to impress and dress for success if you follow these simple rules.

1. It's ok to mix textures. Fashion is a way of self expression- there's no need to sacrifice your creativity for professionalism. You can look refined and put together, while still having fun with your work wardrobe. Break away from the traditional interview uniform by mixing different textures- cashmere, wool, tweed, and plaid- with your sophisticated blazer and pencil skirt.

2. Wearing a hint of color can be warm and inviting- BUT don't go over the top with busy prints or colors that are too bold.  Wear a monochromatic outfit with one contrasting element, like colored pants or a colored blazer.

3. Look approachable.  Success in an interview is about your relatability, as much as it is about your skills.  You want to look approachable and easy to work with- not intimidating and expensive.  Play with prints that are dialed in and appropriate, but that show you have some character. 

4. Try to wear a conversation starter, like a vintage chain belt or a statement necklace or silk scarf.

5. Don't stick to just black pumps.  Try a burgundy, beige, navy, or tweed pump in a muted hue for a style that is just as neutral as basic black.

6. Mix and match separates already in your wardrobe.  Forget the antiquated rules that you must wear only a matching black and navy skirt or pant suit.  Pair that black blazer with a charcoal tweed A-line dress or that orange pencil skirt with a cropped navy blazer and ivory silk ruffle blouse.

7. Go with whatever styles fits you best and makes you feel most comfortable and confident.  How you carry yourself is the true key to success- what you have on only adds to and compliments the complete package that is you!
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