Monday, December 16

Is it Bedtime Yet? Once Upon a PJ

Even at the ripe old age of 30, I still love spending a night in with my best girl friends.  This time of year just so happens to be the perfect occasion for a pajama party.  It's too cold to go out and everyone tends to be a little strapped for cash after splurging on holiday gifts for their loved ones (or in my case- splurging on myself! lol).  The best part of a slumber party is getting to lounge around in your pjs while having fun enjoying the gossip, junk food and of course, the cosmos!  Most girls love pajama parties because they can just throw on any old pair of sweats or lounge-wear without worrying about making a fashion statement.  Well, no surprise, this die-hard fashionista is not one of those girls!  Of course, for me, I have to be wearing the cutest and most stylish pajamas at the party.  But this doesn't mean that I'm sacrificing warmth or comfort.  Thanks to Victoria's Secret's great selection of flannel pajamas, night gowns, and long johns you can have your happy ending this winter season in stylish, yet practical sleepwear.  Browse- then shop- my favorites below.  In prints, plaids, polka dots, flannel and satin there is something for everyone!

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