Sunday, March 23

Cream of the Crop- The Wide Crop

Lyn Devon

You may have heard them called flood pants, culottes or clamdiggers, but these pants are truly sophisticated and the casual cut says you take life in stride.  Like skinnies, they show off your fabulous shoes yet have a welcome ease that makes them feel decidedly springlike.  After all, as the weather finally warms up, who doesn't love a pair of trousers that swoosh as you walk? 

How to wear them...

1. During Spring Fashion Week hems were all over the map (or, rather, the shin), but the most flattering length?  An inch above the ankle.
2. Boxy tops and jackets balance the width of the pants.
3. Step it up! A sturdy flat or sexy heels work equally well with this cut, but opt for the latter if you're on the shorter side.  Wide pants can overwhelm petite figures.

Look #1: With a Long Jacket

Dolce & Gabbana

The Row
Proenza Schouler

Look #2: Easy All Over

A relaxed top with a wider cropped bottom has a sophisticated vibe- and great potential for a chic vacation uniform.

Dorothy Perkins

Giuseppe Zanotti
Tory Burch

Look #3: With a Cropped Jacket

Take the pants very wide, take the jacket so small it's practically a shrug, then unite the two with a silk shell in the middle.  For the jacket, pick something with a geometric shape to balance out the looser cut of the trousers.

House of Fraser

Dolce  & Gabbana
Giuseppe Zanotti
Tory Burch

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