Thursday, March 6


As a self-admitted shop-a-holic, I've had to find some creative ways to fund my shopping addiction over the years, from selling my used clothes, purses and shoes on eBay to contracting with consignment shops.  Like many sellers in the luxury resale market; however, I've been burned by consignment shops who've paid me too little commission for items I love.  Fortunately, founder, Jaclyn Shanfeld, was tired of having the same experience and thought there's got to be a better way to off-load those valuable designer pieces that, for whatever reason, we no longer use. 

She launched the e-commerce company, which claims to be the only luxury marketplace dedicated exclusively to pre-owned designer fashion, in November 2012.  The way the site works is that once signed up, users are invited to take a comprehensive (and totally private) questionnaire that helps identify their true size, not just the number that's on the tag.  The unique questionnaire developed out of a study Jaclyn did by looking at return patterns on other e-commerce sites.  As a result, she determined that returns happen more because of fit issues than any other reason, since sizing varies from brand to brand.  Based on these findings, Shop-Hers suggests "style-soul mates," that is women who not only share your exact measurements, but also like the same brands and styles as you do.  The best part of this feature is that when you're shopping a soul mate's closet, you know that everything will fit you, regardless of what it says on the tag. is extremely user-friendly- sellers set their own prices and can choose either to photograph the items themselves or have Shop-Hers do it for them through their VIP service.  On the site, you will find designers like Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Givenchy.  Full closet? Full calendar? They have got you covered.  If you have a calendar full of friends' nuptials shop the site for designer looks at bargain prices instead of spending so much money buying something new at full retail value, while having a closet full of dresses and shoes you no longer wear.

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