Saturday, February 21

SJP Designs for Tome

It was a case of art imitating life when Sarah Jessica Parker—arguably best known for a role that celebrated fashion, style, New York, and above all, very expensive shoes—decided to design her own shoe collection under the label SJP last year, but perhaps her biggest professional accomplishment came this year when she joined forces with Tome for her brand's first ever collaboration with a famous fashion designer.

Although Tome is a relatively new brand (established nearly five years ago), the NYC-based label, created by Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, has quickly become one of the most recognized and fashionable labels of the moment.

For Tome’s 2015 Fall collection, our beloved Shoegal designed four incredible pairs of pointed-toe pumps in Turquoise, Twilight (a deep navy-black), Olivine (a rich khaki/olive) and a ruddy Poppy with an exquisite detail – a silk faille stripe up the heel in a shoe’s contrasting color that has become a brand trademark.

The choice of a fleet of Parker’s colorful SJPs was something of a no-brainer for Lobo and Martin, who adore Parker and have long celebrated (and dressed) the powerful and intriguing women who inspire their designs. “I’ve personally been obsessed with her since L.A. Story—and out of all of the quintessentially iconic New Yorkers, she’s gotta be up there with the best,” said Lobo. “Not only is she an actor and a woman that we respect, she has this incredible fashion legacy as well, and now the shoe line." Check out the full collection available now at

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