Friday, February 6

Stick 'Em Up

As a working woman in New York City, I am no stranger to applying my makeup half-a$$ed while riding the subway.  Turns out the fluorescent lighting and dirty window reflections are not my friends, while doing such a task; but thanks to Stiks Cosmetiks' latest launch, I no longer have to rely on such vanity-fueled burdens.  The brand, which forgoes the "c" and embraces a "K" (much like my beloved Kardashians- sorry, not sorry) has just introduced the first ever one-handed lipstick- or as they call it: Lipstik.  The tubes are designed with a flip-top cap- which flips up much like a Zippo lighter- and can also be swirled by using just your pointer finger and thumb for application (hence, the one-handedness).  Even better? The tubes are made out of reflective, chrome-like mirror- so you can apply your lipstick flawlessly without exiting the train looking like Miranda Sings. 

Stiks also offers a Stiks Kit- a holder, made out of the same mirrored packaging, which fits three of the lipsticks and looks like an old-school pack of cigarettes.  And while the entire line may have been built off of the philosophy of easy accessibility, the hardest part is choosing the perfect color.  For me, it's a toss-up between their Cinnamon (a rusty, brown red) and Tangerine (a creamy,  orangey citrus)- but explore the line for yourself and pick the Stik that's "perfekt" for you!

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