Friday, October 11

Be At The Height of Fashion For Fall With Strong Shoulder Pads

Stella McCartney, Balmain, and Lanvin

Shoulder pads are a divisive topic. People either immediately picture Melanie Griffith's character in "Working Girl" with pads almost up to her ears, or they envision a football player. It's true that shoulder pads were a wardrobe staple in the '80s when bigger was better, including the hair and the shoulders. The idea behind the trend was to widen your shoulders, which creates an upside down triangle effect for-- you guessed it! -- a tiny waist. But guess what? The trick really works.  The key to wearing shoulder pads is to keep them subtle, and make sure the rest of your look is sleek. The pads should sit right on your shoulder bone. Sloppy pads have the tendency to fall, making you look hunched

Shoulder pads were at their height (literally) during the 80s, which was era of women's lib and female empowerment as women began entering the workforce. But strong shoulders started coming back- albeit in a more subtle fashion- in 2001, thanks to Tom Ford. Then at the helm of Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, Ford was known for making women look (and feel) both powerful and sexy. Cropped jackets with bold shoulders and slimming pencil skirts re-emerged. Balmain also banked on the trend. Since relaunching in 2007, the house has become known for seriously strong shoulders. Since then stylists have been sticking the pads in everything to emphasize the silhouette.

Check out the strong shoulder looks from Balmain below for a little padded inspiration.

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