Monday, October 28

Of Kors

This Fall, Michael Kors debuted his first cosmetics and fragrance line.  The line, which includes bronzers, lipsticks, gloss, and nail polish hit stores in August, and is grouped into three collections: Sporty, Sexy and Glam to represent the three "different moods" a woman experiences throughout the day.  

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Michael Kors explained the concept behind his new beauty line.
"When I start designing a fashion collection, there is always that sexy element, that sporty element, that glam element.  So I started to think about it, and I really wanted to do something that was more of a collection — a beauty and fragrance wardrobe. We cover all the aspects of a woman's life in our clothes and accessories: There's the camel coat, the white pant suit, the sexy black dress. So why not do that in beauty and fragrance form?"

Michael explained further, "I was really focused on the different moods a woman experiences during the day and how, just like she'd change her clothes, she should be able to change her makeup and fragrance. "Your concealer isn't going to change. But your lip color, your nails — those are more 'fashion' beauty. They instantly show off your personality and your mood. They help you express yourself. They're the fun part." 

Until now I was never one for wearing much makeup. Since turning 30 a few months back, however, I've been in search of ways to rejuvenate my look while still remaining fresh-faced.  Part of my reservation about wearing makeup in the past was that I never wanted to look over done or made-up.  But, I've been wearing Michael Kors clothes, jewelry, shoes, and bags for years.  So it only seemed natural for me to start my makeup-wearing experience with his cosmetics.   Below are my favorite pieces in the collection.  I'm particularly fond of the Bombshell lipstick in bright pink and the envy nail polish in pinky purple.  Ranging from $18 for the nail polish to $50 for the bronzers every beauty product in the collection is extremely affordable. Take a peek at my favorites below and pick up yours today!

Give your lips two levels of volume: audacious (as in Lip Luster in Siren) and soft (like Lip Luster in Muse).


Lip lacquer in Dame goes on sheer, which makes it flattering for a range of skin tones.


I love all of the nail shades, which are classic, girly and fun!




 There are three bronzes... I've found that glow works best for my complexion.


Kors' new Sporty Citrus fragrance has notes of orange and mandarin with woods and white florals. Sexy Amber features amber mingling with sandalwood, musk, mandarin and white florals, and Glam Jasmine combines several varieties of jasmine with woods and citrus.



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