Thursday, October 3

Tux Redux

When it comes to desire for a Le Smoking-hot staple, the tuxedo jacket is an instant classic that's a slow and steady burn. 


Phillip Lim
Veronica Beard







By this early-autumn date, you've already got a bell coat, a little leather jacket, and plenty of cardigans. Feel like you're still missing something? There may be one more outerwear item you just can't live without this fall- the tuxedo jacket. Why this necessary addition to your well-packed closet? Unlike the ubiquitous cropped blazer, the tux jacket is cut slightly longer in the sleeves and body. This fit, plus the satin or leather-trimmed collar, adds a certain sophistication to the rest of your outfit. You can wear it with relaxed trousers, wool and leather shorts, or skinny black pants- but it looks sensational over short and long dresses alike. It's like borrowing your boyfriend's jacket on the way home from a fancy party- only the fit is perfectly feminine, perfectly you!

Rag & Bone

Sam + Lavi



Vince Camuto

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Stella McCartney

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