Thursday, January 16

Just Kadi

It's finally here...the debut of the Just Kadi handbag line!  This past summer I had the awesome opportunity to model a new bag line for my designer friends, Lutisha Cook-Vincenti and Kgadi Matlhako.  I've known Lutisha for approximately three years and was introduced to her by my sister, who thought we'd have a great connection since Lu graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and worked in fashion, a field which I've been passionate about my whole life.  Lu approached me about modeling for the line because she knew it would be a great way to introduce me to another designer, Kgadi, who just happened to be looking for someone stylish to model her bags.  Of course, I jumped at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which proved to be a tremendously rewarding experience.

The photos were shot over the course of two days at the Promenade in downtown Brooklyn Heights.  The location provided a perfect backdrop of hip and urban style, which the Just Kadi brand is all about.  Despite my trepidations about modeling for the first time in my life, I had a blast working with Lu and Kgadi, and the added bonus- I discovered that modeling came somewhat naturally to me!  The most amazing part was that Lu, who was the wardrobe stylist for the shoot, gave me free reign to style myself from head to toe, including hair and makeup and gave full deference to my fashion choices.

There are presently two bags in the collection: the Zanele Tote (available in black and brown) and the Bongi Weekender, sold exclusively in brown.   The Zanele Tote, which I am modeling above is ideal for carrying all necessary essentials such as laptops, makeup, and many other items. The aptly named Weekender is great for a weekend getaway or everyday, especially if you're someone like me who always has lots to carry.

What I love most about the bags is that they are unisex- as seen in the photo above where Jeremy is modeling the Zanele.  Kgadi's designs are inspired by sophisticated, elegant, strong and fun-loving women, as well as confident and adventure-seeking men.  Both bags are available for sale at and are priced affordably at $145 for the Zanele and $165 for the Bongi.  Visit the site today to shop the collection and read more about the photo shoot's contributors, including myself!

 The Zanele


The Bongi Weekender

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