Wednesday, January 29

Spot On Leopard Looks

Banana Republic

While I've always been one for trying a new trend, I've generally played it safe with my fashion choices- rarely attempting a look that would stray too much from my normally conservative style.  In the year ahead, however, I'm striving to be more adventurous with my dress.  Despite having made enough of a statement with my past wardrobe choices, this year I'm searching for standout pieces to set me apart from the crowd- as well as my former "safe" self.  Of course, I'm starting with none other LEOPARD!  What spawned my sudden desire for spots, you ask? This leopard sleeved raincoat from Banana Republic is the root of it all.  Too timid for an all-over leopard coat or for wearing the print head to toe, this trench with just a touch of leopard is the perfect start to my "new year" wardrobe.  If you're just like me and looking for similar spotted looks to add a pinch of adventure to your wardrobe for 2014, test out the bold pieces I have selected below.  Then balance them with chic, neutral basics in black, tan, and winter white for a modest, but still attention grabbing ensemble.

Tame enough for the office, edgy enough for a night out.

Club Monaco

The perfect way to punctuate a neutral look.

Diane von Furstenberg

Banana Republic
Clare Vivier

Christian Louboutin


Elizabeth & James

And if you're really looking to cross over to the wild side....

Michael Kors
Michael Kors


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