Friday, January 24

The Thrill of the Hunt

I'd like to start the new year by coining a new phrase: Fashion Touchdown.  Now, I'm not a football fan, but I do appreciate the idea of a major score.  To me, a fashion touchdown is truly a delicious moment- a triumph of shopping, when find your new obsession, a can't-live-without-it-thing.  You love it so much that you could spike the item up and launch it into a happy touchdown dance. (But you wouldn't because, well, it's that precious to you.)


A few examples of such fashion wins: the slate grey Moncler puffer coat with fox fur hood I managed to get before it was discontinued, the Va-Va-Voom Valentino shoulder bag I located at a boutique in Paris when it was sold out everywhere in the US, and the fuchsia Dior suede pumps I bought in Rome and later discovered they were exclusive to the store, prompting many an envious "Where did you get those?"  Since this is also the time of year when your holiday generosity catches up with you in the form of bills, bills, bills, I'm delighted to announce that each of my touchdown picks below are under $500.  Except for one little multi-strand chain link Chanel bag.  My brain imploded a little when I first saw the image.  I was on such a good streak in selecting only affordably priced pieces!  Then I thought to myself, "The price is irrelevant because it's the best bag ever! You can wear it to work, you can wear it on the weekend, you can wear it to dinner, and even wear it to the club!"  The list goes on.  At the end of the day, I reasoned with myself and decided to include it in my list because every woman needs a little Chanel in her life....after all Chanel is a dream.  And that my friends is a Fashion Touchdown!

Ted Baker

Jessica Simpson
Alexander McQueen
Gigi Burris


AERIN Erickson
Miu Miu

Tory Burch

Helmut Lang

Sophia Webster

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