Friday, February 7

Orange Crush

Urban Outfitters

Orange isn't the new black: For Spring, it's the new lip.  Orange is a powerful statement- and an optimistic one.  Pink is too sweet, red is too pretty, but orange is just right!  Glossy or matte, think of orange like you would red: fearless, statement-making, and decidedly flirtatious.

You CAN do Orange Lips

It's surprisingly easy to master the look.  Just follow my helpful advice and tips.  Why I love it....

Saint Laurent
Corail Legend

1. You get big bang for your buck.  Ask yourself, "What have all those wimpy pink lip glosses I've been hoarding done for me lately?"  A bold orange hue will definitely get you noticed (even if you don't stop to instagram your #shameless #lipstick #selfie).

2. It's a happier color than red.  While crimson sometimes conveys a frosty sophistication, a lipstick the color of Tang telegraphs zippiness and fun.  Think of it as the welcome sign for your lips.

3. It looks amazing on just about everyone.  A swipe of orange lipstick lightens up warm complexions like a Santorini sunset (good news for the majority of American women, who have golden undertones in their skin).

PICK YOUR PAINT.  The fairer you are, the lighter you'll want the shade (peach, coral).  If you have olive skin, you can go more intense with the pigment.  If your skin is dark, a deep brick orange will pop against your complexion without looking chalky. 

Topshop Lips

ILIA Voila
Fruity Orange

 Heat Wave
Orange Attitude

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