Thursday, July 31

Fall Color Preview

Gone are the days of summer brights- for fall/winter 2015 it's a more neutral and muted color palette that's dominating the runways.  Read below for your neutral know-how color guide for the season ahead.


A boring khaki this is not! In a light, buttery caramel, tan sheds its utilitarian rep and appears surprisingly luxe when played off similar shades for a monochromatic look.  For a trace of color, cool desert-like tones- sky blue, mauve, and sage- paint a dreamy picture.




Think of this shade as plain white under warm mood lighting: it's slightly muted with a dollop of cream.  The romantic hue lends a extra-lush feel to jewel tones, like deep purple.  More old-world glamorous pairings? Rich chocolate, emerald green, or dark red.  

Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera


There's nothing flashy about this light, conservative gray, which makes it the perfect canvas to offset super-vivid hints of neon, like fuchsia and tangerine.  To strike a sportier but equally bold note, try a primary color, like team-spirited yellow or blue.


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