Saturday, July 5

The Designer Wears Prada

Ever wish you could try your hand at designing your very own pair of shoes??  Well Prada has made it personal and answered the prayers of women everywhere.  Hunting for a heel that's truly one of a kind? The iconic Italian label has the answer: a made to order program for it's pump-loving customers allowing you to style your own in thousands of killer combos.  Just six decisions and four weeks later, your customized pair ships directly from the factory in Tuscany to your door in a box that closely matches the shoe's color.  These custom can be order in-store or online and start at $745.   Here's the down-low on how to DIY:

1. Select a Style

The range includes pointy-toe and round toe variations.

2. Choose a Color

Find your favorite among 45 shades, which include warm, friendly hues, from red to yellow to purple to cobalt to magenta and emerald.

3. Settle on a Sole

Complete the look with one of three soft neutrals: nudish pink, blue or black.

4. Opt For a Material

There are five possibilities: patent, plain and Saffiano leather, satin and suede.

5. Make Your Mark

Monogram the under-side with up to three gold-plated letters.

6. Pick a Height 

The standard stiletto stacks up to 3.3 inches, but you can tread higher (4.3) or lower (1.8).

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