Sunday, July 13

So Long, Sarong

Jessica Alba

Want to look chic at the beach this summer?  Well, you win zero points if you pair your sporty bikini with a ratty old wrap skirt.  Button up a crisp white men's shirt over your suit instead- a great option if don't love your midsection.  If you do want to showcase those abs, step into a pair of silk pajama pants.  For fuller, (but no less sexy) coverage, take a cue from Jessica Alba and slip on a sheer vintage-style robe.

What other options there are?  Whether it's a caftan or skirt, try a cover-up that does double duty as a polished outfit.  Heading to dinner post-beach? Go for a striped dress and add earrings.  Hanging by the bonfire? Opt for a simple T, slouchy trousers, and slides.  Check out summer's best new cover-up options from Tory Burch below.

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