Wednesday, September 3

It's "T" Time

Tiffany's has something new in it's iconic blue box: bracelets, rings, and necklaces from its T collection, which cleverly works the consonant into each piece. "I love how architectural the letter is," said Francesca Amfitheatrof, who is the proclaimed jeweler's first female design director in its 177-year history. 

The new jewelry pieces, set to appeal to Tiffany customers new and old, are crafted with 18 karat gold — rose, yellow and white — and sterling silver, and range from wide cuffs and minimal bracelets, to multiple chains of varied lengths and elegant pendants, to rings that stack seamlessly and drop earrings which move with grace. With fine diamonds and glowing gems to cap off several of these signature pieces, the Tiffany T symbolizes the bejeweled city it was born in; the city that never sleeps- New York City.  Browse some of the standout pieces of the collection below for a jewelry experience that's out of the blue. My personal favorites are the chunky cuffs with Ts that function as clasps...they're T-rific!

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