Thursday, September 18

The Perfect Parka

Saint Laurent
Max Mara
Tommy Hilfiger

Whether rugged and outdoorsy at Tommy Hilfiger or wilderness-meets-disco at Saint Laurent, the cold weather staple with utilitarian roots has become the essential outerwear piece you can dress up or down this winter.

How to Wear It...

1. Don't hesitate to throw a souped-up parka over evening wear.  Keep it in the same color family as your outfit so it feels intentional, not like your coat is at the cleaners.  And if you're wearing a dress, make it a mini.
2. Just because you have a furry hood doesn't mean you have to pull it up.  Try a contrasting knit hat to play up the sporty vibe.
3. Prefer a more ladylike style? Look for dressier fabrics like satin or cinched waists and leather sleeves to add definition.

Yves Salomon


Eudon Choi
Forte Couture

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