Thursday, June 19

Say It With a Graphic Tee

Rebecca Minkoff

Want to express your personality, but not one for many words?  Lighten up and say it with a graphic tee.  Cool comfort dressing is the way to go with artistic and quirky T-shirts that literally make a statement.   How does one master the look? By not taking oneself too seriously and keeping in mind the Design, Fit, and Outfit...


Of-the-moment witty slogans or vintage-looking graphics get the stamp of approval.  But be warned: Don't pull out that funny-at-the-time souvenir shirt you bought ten years ago on spring break.


Belly-baring, tight, baby size Ts signal that you're an attention seeker- and not in a good way.  Opt for a looser style that fits squarely on the shoulders, and tuck it in to give it shape.


No slouchiness allowed here, so be sure to make the ideal casual-meets-chic contrast.  Pair the top with an ultra-feminine pencil skirt and pointy toe pumps.

Shop these bold tees for summer and start expressing yourself!


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BLQ Basics

BLQ Basics

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