Thursday, June 12

Summer's Most Sizzling Trend: The Body Chain

The latest and most sizzling summer accessory trend is the body chain, made popular by bootylicious pop stars, Beyonce and Rihanna, who were seen sporting them last year both beachside and on the cover of GQ Magazine.

Anyone who thinks that accessories stop at a necklace or a bracelet, clearly is lacking some imagination and fashion creativity!  After recently stumbling upon some pictures on Tumbler of celebs and bloggers alike wearing body chain jewlery I became obsessed with finding one for myself! Obviously I knew that I wouldn’t want to spend as much as Riri or B did on theirs so I took it upon myself to find a cheaper alternative, for you and I! I started my search on Amazon, however the asking price was between $10-$50 & I was not willing to spend that much. Next on my list was Etsy & of course I found numerous styles of body chains all under $3.50 each (Etsy never fails!). I ended up buying two body chains, both of which were gold but different styles. Needless to say I got an amazing price & am in love with both of them! 

Body chains look good on just about anything and can be dressed up or down.  Across the fashion blog community, you’ll find images of models wearing the glam body jewelry over a bikini or swimsuit, under a crop top, cut out dress, a blouse and even a jacket.  For the most flattering look, your body chain should match your body type and not be too constricting, nor too loose.

Given that body chains are eye-catching by themselves, even if they’re very thin and delicate with little embellishment, you may want to cut down on wearing other bold, statement pieces.  To wear them with an already-busy outfit takes the attention away from them and defeats the purpose of wearing them.

I personally feel that body chains should appear like an afterthought.  Nothing too over the top dramatic unless their worn to make a bold statement, say with a party dress. Then, feel free to make them the center piece.

Scroll below to see how lookbookers are wearing the body chain trend, then pick up some tips on how to wear them.

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