Sunday, October 19

Got Blues? What Your Denim Says About You

A basic that fades into the background? Hardly! This American classic has always been the perfect way to express your personal style.  So all it takes is the right inspiration to spin your denim pieces into a variety of updated aesthetics- from quirky to polished to cool.

The Cool Prepster

Forget button downs and polos, this girl likes her classic blues with a dash of subversion- it's Connecticut by way of Soho.

Your Muses: Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo incorporate unexpected details like frayed seams or embellishments to bring a twist to tried-and-true staples.

Your Outfit: Striped T's, crisp oxfords, and a rainbow of knits make up the bulk of your closet.  But this clean look is about symmetry with color and prints- you'd never be caught dead in a cutesy lobster or whale print.

Your Accessories: Heels and fussy jewelry would feel out of place; you're more into androgynous extras like Adidas slides or a men's style silver watch.  You're not into the "It" bag- you gravitate toward an all seasons leather tote.

Simon Miller
Simon Miller
J Brand

The Sophisticate

You'd never wear jeans with holes in them.  You keep it sleek, tasteful and expensive-looking.

Your Muses: Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton make off-duty dressing as glamorous as any cocktail attire.

Your Outfit: Silk equipment blouses, sumptuous cashmere turtlenecks, and sharp blazers reinforce your always refined style.

Your Accessories: Skip the embellishment and flashy finishes for structured minimal pieces like a Celine box bag or elegant pointy toe pumps.  It's unobtrusive luxury all the way.


Michael Kors

The Creative

With your eye for fine details and design- hello, artistic crop!- your denim combos are as Instagramable as the interior of your carefully curated apartment.

Your Muses: Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Williams all exude an unforced artsy and slightly off-kilter aesthetic.

Your Outfit: Printed tunic blouses by the likes of A.P.C., cozy Stella McCartney oversize cardigans, and a tailored wool peacoat showcase your ability to marry polish with quirk.

Your Accessories:  You opt for flats with the same relaxed appeal: Birkenstocks or Soludos espadrilles for warm weather, and come fall, menswear-inspired style oxfords and loafers.

True Religion
Mavi Jeans

The Neo-Rocker

Your friends with the band and totally wore these jeans to their surpirse show last week.

Your Muses: Kate Moss and Rihanna embody that badass "I don't care what you think because damn, I look good" attitude. They have the uncanny ability to create outfits that in theory shouldn't work, but do.

Your Outfit: You're not a try-hard, so it's cool finds in the form of a worn leather moto, a slouchy white T, or an amazing vintage leopard coat.

Your Accessories: Chunky, biker-inspired boots are ideal for casual outfits, while stilettos sandals elevate your evening attire.  Finish with a spiky Eddie Borgo bracelet.

Simon Miller

Helmut Lang

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