Friday, October 10

Keep It Low, Low, Low...


As a lover of tossed-up tresses, I find it surprisingly easy to master the low pony.  I especially love how sophisticated the look is.  Unlike, say, the Baby Spice pony that bopped around in the '90s, this polished look has a grown-up, minimalist vibe. Do a sharp, low side part and you have a seriously "boss" hairstyle.  The low pony just so happens to be low-maintenance, too. Nothing should come between you and your Fitbit- especially not a blowout.  Slip your hair into a chic low pony and no one will be able to tell you've already walked six miles before work.  The final and best reason to love this style is that it can be fine-tuned to any face shape.  The low rider pulls the eye down, so it's naturally slimming on round faces.  If you have a long face, create the illusion of width by adding texture; pull layers out near the front, and holding an iron vertically, curl them outward. 



Alberta Ferretti

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