Saturday, October 25

The Scandal Collection for the Limited

Gladiators, your relentless fangirling over Olivia Pope's fashion has paid off!  Scandal's lead, Kerry Washington, and costume designer, Lyn Paolo, have taken their style badassness to the Limited, crafting a line for the retailer that channels the character's take-charge attitude.  "Dressing as a gladiator means not being afraid to have it all- to be glamorous, smart, powerful and sexy," says Washington.  All of Pope's styles are included: a pastel coat, an up-for-anything blouse, and a cape trench in her go-to white, "which reflects the armor Olivia puts up," says Paolo.  And because "she wears the pants in her life," says Washington, the duo drummed up three Pope-approved trouser styles.  Plus, the mix and match pieces start at just $49.  So yeah, your closet? It's handled.

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