Friday, January 23

An Active Imagination

If the work of Mary Katrantzou- whose deliriously printed designs have been drawing rave reviews since she came on to the fashion scene in 2011- always seemed relegated to a when-I'm-rich purchase, get your credit card ready.  With an assist from Adidas Originals she's reaching a level of accessibility unseen since she collaborated with Topshop in 2012.  Last November, Katrantzou and the iconic sportswear brand debuted a collection of apparel and footwear ranging from track jackets to mini skirts that feature the Greek designer's signature bold prints and bares blown-up images of laced-up athletic shoes.  While certainly athletic minded, this streetwear is more night-out than evening-on-the-elliptical.  It's Sporty Spice, if you will...(think: a hot-pink pair of shoes with mini spike-stud detail at the toe or a dress with a bell skirt).  Snag yours today because the pieces are selling quick and all I'm saying is that nobody better get between me and that track jacket!

Wondering who this new kid on the block is?  Take a look at some of Katrantzou's past eye-catching prints, which do nothing short of getting you noticed.  Manipulating perception and perspective, the fanciful designer creates vivid photo-realistic imagery of jewelry, landscapes, and postage stamps that turns mere dresses into fascinating works of art.  "Prints don't have to be only a generic floral," she says.  "I'm just freeing up the possibilities of what people consider wearable."  Here's a snapshot of some of Katrantzou's best looks from her Fall 2014 Runway Collection.

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