Thursday, January 1

Return to the Fold

I love a comeback and the new year is the perfect time to start.  After facing down business adversity, some of our favorite designers from seasons past have rallied with vibrant new collections, all the wiser from their earlier setbacks.

Victor Alfaro

A rising star on the New York fashion scene in the '90s, Alfaro knows the perils of too much runway hype.  Realizing now that it's the clothes that matter, his sexy, sporty coats, dresses and leggings (in unexpectedly luxe suede) speak for themselves. The newly invigorated designer reworked the feminine silhouette by adding perfect and luxurious materials in his Fall-Winter 2014-2015 contemporary collection. If you're a professional woman then you should have all of these essentials for your working wardrobe needs. The lookbook features versatile Autumn layered pieces made of a neutral color palette. The new season's fundamental emphasis is set on leather, bold, abstract prints and menswear touches. And the key shape is easy-to-wear straight ensembles with a slim-fit look.

Adam Lippes

Simple, but not basic is how Lippes describes his approach to design after taking a year off.  Going small-scale with items produced in New York allowed him to focus on marbled cashmere sweaters, well-cut trousers and graphic tie-dye dresses.

ATM- Anthony Thomas Melillo

ATM was ahead of the athleisure curve with Nova label.  Now his latest ATM line is expanding with perfect Ts, cuddly sweats, and yoga pants that can be dressed up or down.  Think of it as a way of elevating the basics! 

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