Tuesday, January 13

Space Case

When it comes to finding a pair of sunglasses, impeccable style and design is everything. Westward Leaning, known for designing a universally flattering unisex wayfarer sunglass frame, has just come out with a second frame called the The Voyager, named after NASA’s Voyager Program.

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 into space- and included on board was a group of items meant to introduce earthlings to whatever alien-life forms the capsule encountered.  Among those objects was a "Golden Record," which featured greetings in 55 languages and the voice of the son of Carl Sagan saying "Hello from the children of planet earth."  This "Golden Record" was the jumping off point for the Voyager Collection from sunglass label Westward Leaning, which takes its key shape- a circle- from the "Golden Record" itself.  It's only the second frame shape, following the debut Wayfarer, in the company's history.  The offerings include 16 styles, which come in four different frame colors, 8 new mirrored lenses, and 12 inlays ranging from polished aluminum to blackened redwood.

The debut pair is especially literal in its interpretation of the themes with gold mirrored lenses and golden bronze inlays.  But the fit, which is unisex and engineered to be universally flattering, is intended to metaphorically represent the "Golden Record."  "We designed the frame's shape and fit to be inclusive as possible, much in the way the "Golden Record" tries to reflect the vast diversity of life on Earth," says creative director Robert Denning.

The sunglasses with mirrored lenses retail for $195, while the ones with standard lenses retail for $185.  Check them all out and purchase them at  http://www.westwardleaning.com/
$10 from the sale of each pair will go towards supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math), as part of Westward Leaning’s ongoing commitment to social progress.

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