Friday, January 9

Boy Crazy: Standout Pouts

The season's new lipstick shades are not named after flowers or fruits or red-hot emotions: They're named after boys.  For Troi Ollivierre- the makeup artist who has been custom-blending J. Crew's candy-lipped looks behind the scenes for the past ten years, christening the six bright mattes in his debut line was a matter of diplomacy:  "All my girlfriends kept saying, 'I hope you name one after me.' and I was thinking this is going to be a problem," he recalls.  Hence George (a flame red) and Bob (a pastel pink).  The colors in Chanel's revamped Coco Rouge collection, coming in March, take their names from inspirations in Mademoiselle's own circle, among them Jean (Cocteau, a close friend) and Arthur (for Boy Capel, her great love).  Tom Ford, meanwhile, pays homage to the inspiring men in his life- 50 of them- with Lips & Boys, a sweeping new lipstick collection.  The shades read like a list of eligible bachelors- Leonardo, Starvos, Justin, Jack- and in that spirit Ford makes a case for serial dating: "Why commit to one when you can have several?"

Tom Ford
Lips & Boys

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