Sunday, March 1

Olé! Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2015 Collection Will Make You Feel Like the Most Glamorous Señorita

An army of adorable bull-fighters donned in flounced flamenco ruffles: You’d think that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana had gone off to Spain for inspiration for their spring '15 collection.  But not so fast! In fact, there was no need at all for them to step off Sicily to absorb and joyfully appropriate all things richly Hispanic.  As the designers point out, “The Spanish occupied Sicily for 300 years! There are so many shared things in our cultures—the music, the food, the decorated horsecarts!”

Of all the collections this season, Dolce & Gabanna's bejewelled, lace smothered, embroidered and floral adorned is my favorite by far.  Delightful, impressively made matador jackets in luscious satin, bloomer shorts, lace dresses and black brocade pantsuits with heart-embroidered black velvet cummerbunds are just some of the standout pieces.  And as for the shoes- little flat slippers, low block-heeled pumps studded with jewels and minute leather flowers, and ankle booties- they are guaranteed to be at the top of this season’s fashion-insider trophy lists.

While I love the collection's aesthetic- specifically its romantic and femininity quality- its the message that speaks to me the most- an empowered vision of women ready to stand and grab any bull by the horns in life.  But don't take my word for it- peruse the looks below and decide for yourself.

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