Wednesday, March 4

Say Yes to Romantic Lace

Left to right: Erdem, Chloe, Louis Vuitton
When it comes to one of spring’s hottest trends—the white lace dress—it’s time to forget everything you know about “wedding gowns:” you’ll find no tulle trains and organza bodices here. The runways were full of romantic threadwork, whether sheer and tiered at Erdem, thigh-skimming in frilled layers at Chloe, or sleek and seventies at Louis Vuitton. And sure, this might be a matrimony favorite, but white lace is for so much more than a walk down the aisle; you can wear the trend in everything from fringed pleated skirts or ruffled tops to leather-trimmed coats. Here, the white lace pieces you can say yes to right now—and live happily ever after.

Stone Cold Fox

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