Friday, March 13

Rainy Daze

Spring is coming, and sure, we all look forward to the return of leaves on trees and flowers sprouting from the ground, but before we can enjoy the Instagram-worthy scene of nature's awakening, there's a bit of a hitch: rain. And probably a lot of it.  Fortunately, British wet-weather standby brand Mackintosh is adding some sunshine to the coming drizzly days by way of its new collaboration with Band of Outsiders' founder and creative director Scott Sternberg.  This collection of exclusive men's and women's rainwear brings Band of Outsiders' playful, modern vision to Mackintosh's time-honored product.  The women's offerings include two fun designs: The Ladybug Print, which features critters spotted all over Mac's classic khaki-colored backdrop, and Grommets Gone Wild, which reimagines grommets as studs strewn about the coat.  The designs are each available in two styles: the traditional mackintosh and the poncho.  Ideal as investment pieces, they might just have you hoping for the gloomiest weather. 

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