Friday, March 6

Walk on the Wider Side

Apologies in advance to your skinny jeans: This spring, things are getting wider.  A lot wider.  The coolest clothes of the season are ones that take up a lot of space, in the best way possible, with ultra-modern, elegantly androgynous shapes.  Instead of returning to clothes that hug your curves seek out more structural, tailored pieces that show a chic-relaxed attitude and a fresher take on what's glamorous and cool.  Personally, after a lifetime of lying down in order to button my pants, I'm all about this trend.  After all, who wouldn't want to be free to slouch around in big, structural shapes without comprising style? 

If this is your first foray into the world of the wide, balance is going to be key.  Try pairing wide-legged trousers with a tight, long sleeve shirt or a crop top that shows a lot of skin.  Or, if you're feeling brave, throw an oversize shirt on with your wide-legged pants.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a short shirt either: A long, menswear inspired vest over your trousers will instantly create a tomboy-meets-pretty-effect. But, if you're going the wide-on-wide route remember to wear platforms to give you some extra height.

The most important part of this trend is embracing the idea that it's OK to take up more space.  Repeat after me: Wider is better.  Rather than squeezing into things that compress and reshape our bodies, let the updated structures of these new styles do the talking. After all, it's going to get warm any day now and it's time to get behind clothes that let us feel the breeze.

Issa Judy

Alice + Olivia

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