Saturday, April 12

Band Camp: How to Sport a Black Headband This Spring

Vera Wang

What's one of the best hair accessories for spring 2014? The thick, black headband, of course.  On the runways this season the austerity of the thick black band was meant to streamline the face in a clean and modern look brought together by a sleek, low ponytail.

Why I love this look...

1. Consider it camo for your bad hair day.  Crashed with wet hair and woke up looking like an extra from the Muppets?  Slap on a wide, black elastic headband and stop stressing. (You don't need wrinkles to compound the problem!)

2. It has a very-of-the-moment vibe.  I get it: those suddenly everywhere white Birkenstocks can be a bit intimidating (and downright fug).  As you can see from Vera Wang and Victoria Beckham, a simple black headband is a far less dicey way of looking on trend.

3. Two words: Blowout insurance.  No, you can't skip yoga just because your dropped $40 on a fab blowout.  A cotton band absorbs sweat, keeping strands fresh no matter how long you perch in that firefly pose.  

At the spring shows the look was sleek and shiny- not a lock out of place.  It's surprisingly easy to master the look, however. Just follow these easy insider tips from hairstylist Jimmy Paul, who styled the runway looks at Vera Wang.

The Technique- Flat iron hair and pull it into a low pony.  Then position a stretchy black cotton headband right at the edge of the hairline. Spritz hair behind the band with a lightweight shine spray.

The Key Tip- Cover the tops of your ears, especially if they have some wingspan.

The Reality Check- This style can be a bit severe, so you may want to tweak your techique if you have a full face or a strong nose, chin, or jaw.  The fix: Let more hair show in front of the band- think soft, side-swept bangs- and allow a few pieces to hang in front of your ears.  Just don't touch those strands with a curling iron: tendrils are best left to Honey Boo Boo!

Victoria Beckham

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