Sunday, April 13

Create A Wardrobe Masterpiece With Art Inspired Fashion

Clover Canyon

If, like me, what you wear is an expression of who you are (and it should be!) then stepping out in this trend states it loudly and clearly.  Creative. Sophisticated. Confident.  Even a bit daring.  Talk about wearing your art on your sleeve.  Whether you have a passion for modern art or post-modern- or just love the art of shopping- you can be sure these painterly pieces will attract a lot of attention.  You won't be able to stand in the corner at a cocktail party for long before someone slides over and strikes up a convo about your intriguing look.  There's such a joy and exuberance to these looks.  Slip on a pair of water-color print pumps on a gray afternoon and feel your serotonin kick up a notch.  Don an artsy dress on a sunny day and do a happy dance.  

How to pull it off...

1. If your outfit is splashy, keep extras subdued, or vice versa.  A solid color, especially white or black, will provide the perfect backdrop for your "canvas."

2. Dressing appropriately might not seem like a very modern concept, but in this case it's important to consider a few things.  If you work in a conservative office or are meeting friends at an upscale restaurant, it probably isn't the time to embrace abstract expressionism in your attire.  You might, however, get away with a graphic print on your bag or cuff.

3. Not a fashion extrovert?  Try an artsy print in a classic shape, such as a sheath or a shirtdress in a muted color palette.

Reed Krakoff
Paul Smith


Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran

Christian Louboutin
Sophia Webster

Jimmy Choo
Kate Spade

Isa Arfen


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