Wednesday, May 7

Collar Code: The Not So Prim and Proper White Collar

Preen, Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham

Whether they're crisply starched, buttoned up, trompe l'oeil (ie faux, French for "trick the eye") or even of the Peter Pan variety, white collars sharpen the focus of any outfit.  Their neat, sweet shape makes the perfect frame for any face.  The best thing is you can adapt this trend to suit any look, whether pairing it with a skirt, wearing it under a jumper or using it to dress up a pair of jeans.  This spring designers brought an element of playfulness to the traditionally serious look.  Get all hot under the collar for my favorites both on and off the runways this season.

Kate Mara
Miu Miu
Keira Knightley
Ralph Lauren
Michael Kors
Donna Karan
Alexander Wang

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