Monday, May 19

Six Chic Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

Year-round there is no chicer or simpler way to accessorize than with a scarf.  It may be a style workhorse in winter months that keeps us warm and cozy in frigid temps, but once the mercury rises the scarf really reaches its full fashion potential, adding polish to a well put-together outfit or transforming an otherwise ordinary one.  Now that the warmer weather is here, I've rounded up my favorite ways to rock a silk scarf from the Kelly wrap to a Parisian necktie to an adornment on your favorite purse and even a stylish bracelet.  Get inspired by the looks below and get ready to tie one on!

On Your Head

Whether inspired by pin up beauties, 1960′s movie stars, ethnic cultures, fashion shows or even celebs – head wraps are so hot right now!  You can go with an elegant Kelly wrap, named after the gorgeous Grace Kelly or a boho – gypsy head scarf, or for a laidback look- loosely tied around your pony.

Get It Twisted!  One of the newest ways to wear a scarf this season is wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.  Its a great way to inject more color or pattern into an outfit. To achieve this look roll your scarf into a snake and tie it around your wrist, cuff style. Add a watch or wrap a long chain bracelet around the scarf for a funky, modern touch.


When wearing your scarf as a belt, it is best to dress in neutral, solid colors that won't compete with your statement scarf.


There is no better accessory than a scarf to enhance any handbag - including an old one. Wrap it around the top handle of your satchel or tie it around the shoulder strap of your favorite tote.  It's a great way to make your every day bag look fresh and new!

Parisian necktie

Whether you call it the Parisian necktie, the neckerchief or French twist, this look has sophistication and romance written all over it.  Wear it to the office with your favorite suit or pair it with a button down, cardigan and cigarette pant for a retro 40s flair.

 Take it to the Beach

 Wrap a scarf in a print or hue that compliments your swimsuit around a wide-brimmed straw hat to ensure that you stay protected from the sun's rays in style.

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