Thursday, May 15

You Rang? The Hand-Chain Trend

I'm a sucker for accessories and new ways to spice up an outfit and this summer's hottest accessory trend is the hand chain (colloquially referred to as the "slave bracelet"). These ring-bracelet combinations usually consist of a shiny metal bracelet that is attached to a ring (or simply just your finger). They're super chic and versatile- no longer restricted to just music festivals.  In fact, today's celebrities are pairing them with everything from red carpet attire to more casual and laid-back styles.

Popular in the Indian culture for centuries, the hand chain trend was first popularized in the United States during the 60s and 70s when gypsies and hippies refurbished the trend.  Now, it has once again come full circle.  There are a lot of different styles of these vintage pieces. Some are simple and just include one chain that connects the two pieces, and others are way more elaborate and involve a whole hand decoration (usually involving multiple rings). My favorites are of the simple and delicate chain variety from Free People, Rachel Roy and Rebecca Minkoff.  More ornate and jeweled styles can be found at different vintage stores or on sites like and Ebay and

A common misconception about hand chains is that they are heavy or intimidating. And it’s true, a lot of metal on your wrist and hand can be overwhelming. However, if you find one that is lighter and less medieval it can be a great compliment any outfit- and it won't restrict the use of your hand. For instance, a crystal piece with floral accents would be great with a dress, while a gold and shell hand chain would be killer with a crochet tank and cutoffs.

Get inspired by the gorgeous pieces below and give this trend a hand--  I guaranteed you'll be hooked!

Eddie Borgo
Lacey Ryan

Lacey Ryan
Jennifer Zeuner
Sydney Evan

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