Saturday, November 8

Color Crash Course: Sienna

Selita Ebanks
in H&M skirt
Rosetta Getty

Wanna get cozy? This balanced blend of rich brown and red can warm up the starkest of whites, the deepest of blacks, and everything in between.  Like leather, which often comes in this color, a little goes a long way.  So skip the full-on monochromatic look in favor of separates, such as a cable-knit cardigan or a drapey coat, and ground your LSD (that's little sienna dress) with dark tights and shoes.  This earthy tone isn't just a satorial staple, but it could easily become one. As designer Rosetta Getty, who used the hue in her fall colelcion, explains "It's a pretty alternative to a standard neutral.  It really does go with almost anything." Sienna especially plays well with gray and ivory, which let this shade draw focus, while dark blue delivers a double dose of saturated wow.  A less obvious option? Pale blue.  Wearing it in an unexpected way adds depth and dimension to the look.

3.1 Phillip Lim
J Brand
Proenza Schouler

Forest of Chintz

Michael Stars

Joanna Maxham

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