Friday, November 28

Pony Up

Jennifer Lopez

Talk about elevating your profile.  Worn high, the tail feels fun and cool.  If it were lower and behind the head, it would be a gym ponytail.  Want to know how to pony up? In front of a mirror, gather strands together and move the tail toward the top of your head until you can see it, then fasten with an elastic.  Bonus points if you wrap a small section of hair around the band to hide it.  Secure with pins to support the pony and bump it up higher.  Lorenzo Martin, who styled Jennifer Lopez's do, suggests a finishing mist to "set the shape and smooth out those flyaways along the hairline."  Check out the celebs below who are rocking the look of the moment.


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Nina Dobrev

Alessandra Ambrosio

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