Saturday, November 1

Sole Men

Want to join the other mile-high club?  Meet the gifted masters who are on a mission to make your legs look impossibly long, thanks to their impeccably crafted, super-feminine designs.

Alberto Moretti- Alberto Moretti

Why The Shoe Fits:  These heels can earn double takes with their seductive shapes, feminine details, and Moretti's flair for playfulness (he once dipped a pair of pumps into 24k gold!).  For fall, he looked to Sofia Coppola's modern-day Marie Antoinette for inspiration: "The French queen was so sophisticated and audacious."  Check out the corset-like lacing up the back of gilded heels, and the dark crimson pair that spells instant va-va-va voom.

Paul Andrew- Paul Andrew

Why The Shoe Fits: "There's a refined elegance to everything," says Andrew of his aesthetic.  Indeed, his work is a study in artful lines with minimal flash.  The idea for his latest collection was sparked by a trip to Santa Fe, where he soaked up the multicultural influences at the International Folk Art Market, along with some local color (literally): "We took a lot from nature: vermillion reds, spicy browns, and a shade of blue I'm calling sky."

Edgardo Osorio- Aquazzura

Why The Shoe Fits: Osorio scored an instant hit with his Sexy Thing booties, which stole the hearts of fashion editors and "it girls" alike.  Focusing on sultry shapes and putting a premium on edgy cutouts, he says his creations are glamorous workhorses.  "You can wear them day or night- that's what makes them modern."  This season Osorio found a muse in Patty Hearst and fell for the Southern stylings of Dallas after a visit there.  "I love the contrast of a good girl gone bad- it's N.Y.C.'s Upper East Side meets the wild, wild West."

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