Tuesday, February 12

40 Days and 40 Nights

   Tomorrow is the first day of Lent and while I have never been one for giving things up in the past, I've decided that for the next forty days and forty nights I will give up my one true love- SHOPPING!  That is, of course, barring the need to buy any essentials, like a new pair Jimmy Choos!  All kidding aside, I vow to give it my most valiant effort and will chronicle what is sure to be a very difficult journey by blogging about my progress.
    Despite having completed three years of law school and having passed the bar exam on the first try, refraining from shopping for the next one month and one week is probably the hardest thing I'll ever do in my life.  This is especially true given all of the temptation that surrounds around me on a daily basis.  For heaven's sake, I live in NYC, which is one of the fashion capitals of the world.  Every day on the streets I encounter women dressed in high fashion clothes, killer shoes, and the highest of high-end designer bags.  In addition, I cannot walk to the subway or get my morning coffee without seeing stores everywhere.  By the time I get to my desk at work I am confronted with an onslaught of emails from my favorites designers advertising free shipping and discounts for all online orders placed that day.  Before lunch, I've already received several phone calls from the salesgirl at Bloomys, Chanel or Dior telling me to come and check out the latest stock, which she has put aside for me in all my sizes and favorite colors.  As if this was not enough, when I get home my mailbox is overflowing with department store catalogs.  Oh, and let me not forget that at least four times a week my friends require me to accompany them on their shopping trips in order to get my fashion advice. 
    UGHHHHH...already the thought of not getting my daily shopping fix is overwhelming and I can't help, but wonder I am getting myself into.  As daunting as it seems, I'm up for the challenge.  Looking at the glass half full, maybe with all the extra money I will be saving I'll get to turn the heat on in my apartment before the winter is over or afford a fancy meal (meaning one that does not consist of Ramen).  At the same time, I know I'm taking a huge risk...I mean the economy could plummet since I'm pretty sure it's currently being single-handedly supported by my shopping addiction.
   Maybe this shopaholic will be reformed, surprising everyone, including herself.  I just hope I'm not setting myself up for failure by going cold turkey.  I mean just cutting back on my spending has proven to be an insurmountable task for me in the past.  I'm optimistic though because I know that by exercising a little self restraint I won't fall off the wagon in a few days (heck a few hours!)  I better hurry though- with tomorrow being Day 1 there's only a few hours left to get my compulsion to shop out of my system and buy everything in sight!

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  1. Anonymous2/13/2013

    Now that your went public with your intent....the pressure is on to stick to the challenge...I, for one, will be your biggest supporte......so if you feel the urge to fall off the wagon call mama.....aka "Shopping police" :)