Saturday, February 2

M.M.M. (Make More Money)

    Since I've already decided that cutting back on shopping is not an option I've devised a few money making schemes that will enable me to continue living life in the fab lane.  Some ideas may be a bit unconventional, but I'm not above trying any of them in the name of fashion!

1. Sell a kidney/ sell my eggs.  The way I see it, it's a win win situation.  With option one I save a person's life by giving up an organ I don't even need and in return I get designer shoes and bags, which are absolutely necessary for a fashionista to survive.  With option two I'm helping a couple, who may be unable to conceive on their own, have children.  Never mind the fact that I'll have little runts whom I'll likely never meet running around everywhere.  One thing is for sure-  the world will be a much more fashionable place with my offspring in it! 

2. Get another job as a sales associate in retail.  So what if I already have a demanding job as a lawyer and will be working 24/7.  The fruits of my labor will definitely be worthwhile.  I can picture it now and the mere thought sends chills down my spine.... 60% off all designer apparel and accessories, which I'll be mandated to wear every time I work in the store!  And just think, I'll be giving back to the public as well.  It's no secret that I can't hold my tongue when it comes to fashion so if honey-child enters my store looking like a hot mess, I will call her out on it, but by the time I am done with her she will look as if she just walked off the runway in Paris.

3. Charge my friends and family for my fashion advice.  Professional stylists and personal shoppers make a living doing this so why can't I be one in the making.  I mean a girl has to start somewhere, even if it means charging her friends and family an hourly rate for her services at the mall.

4.  Charge friends and family rental fees when they borrow my jewelry, shoes, bags and clothes for special occasions.  No store ever made money by simply permitting customers to borrow their merchandise without some monetary compensation in return.  What I'm proposing is no different really.  Since I'm sparing people from the stress and time involved in going shopping and having to buy the items, I don't see anything wrong with earning a little money for my charitable practices.

5. Master the couture equivalent of "extreme couponing."  By this I mean stocking up on so many rewards coupons and savings passes that I actually get the stores to pay me to shop.  It's the same practice as those crazy moms who spend hours collecting grocery coupons so that when they're checking out at the supermarket the store actually pays them instead.

6.  Open a clothing store in my house and sell my belongings straight out of my closets the same way Lisa Turtle sold her things out of her locker at Bayside in order to pay off her credit card bill.

7.  Sell all the tacky jewelry given to me by ex boyfriends.  A new Michael Kors gold studded satchel bag is far more useful to me than that hideous 10k gold hugs and kisses bracelet with amethyst stones anyway!

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