Wednesday, February 13

Tailor Made

  So it's Day 1 and less than 12 hours into my no shopping experiment and I'm already losing my mind.  My morning has been off to a rough start- I overslept, didn't have time for my morning coffee and had back to back meetings.  Doing a little retail therapy at lunch is all I can think about to get me through the rest of the day.  I'm stronger than the red devil on my shoulder though and I'm determined to prove all the disbelievers wrong. (Pretty much everyone, including my family, is certain that I'm setting myself up to fail.)  Therefore, I will resist the temptation to take out my charge cards and will satisfy my craving to shop by reading this new Glamour magazine instead.  Hopefully the colorful spreads and articles about Spring's must have looks will tie me over until tomorrow.  I'm taking this one day at a time!
   To further prove to myself that I don't need to buy anything new I've decided to have tailored a few things from my wardrobe that I haven't yet worn.  It's not rocket science.  Tailoring the clothes I already own must be cheaper than splurging on new ones, right?
    People are always complimenting me on how well my clothes fit.  Many of my friends remark how jealous they are that everything I wear looks so fabulous.  My secret is that I alter almost everything I buy.  My tailor is my best friend because she knows how to make even the most ill-fitting potato sack fit like a glove.  It takes a ton of work to make my clothes fit the way they do- I'm just not putting in hours at the gym.  Instead, it's my tailor who puts in the work to give everything a custom fit. 
   The best piece of advice I can give is that while on a budget save on clothes and spend on the alterations.  Spending your precious pennies at the tailor will ensure you look like a million bucks.  You shouldn't think twice about wearing less expensive namebrand clothes that fit well rather than ill-fitting designer ones that do nothing to flatter your shape.  Two words- Olsen twins!  I don't think I need to say any more.  If you want to avoid looking like these two hobos have your clothes tailor made.

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