Thursday, February 7

Little Black Dress

   The little black dress is an essential part of nearly every women's wardrobe.  It has stood the test of time through the ages and has never gone out of style.  This timeless look can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes any season of the year.  Women love the way the black dress makes them feel elegant and confident all at the same time.  The elegance stems from the sophistication and classiness of the dress, while the confidence boost is undoubtedly due to it's ability to hide every women's imperfections.   Next to it's figure flattering look, the second best part about the black dress is it's versatility.  It's suitable for date night, work functions, weddings, and even funerals.  The black dress can be worn with diamonds and a simple metallic shoe or clutch for a sophisticated look or, for a more fun and playful look, with colored accessories, like a yellow or turquoise clutch or a pink pump.
    Although I have a rather colorful wardrobe, I always gravitate towards the black dress for formal occasions.  Two of my favorite black dresses currently in my wardrobe are my Michael Kors black satin peplum dress and my black lace Ana Karenina dress from Banana Republic's Monogram Collection.  I bought the MK dress about a year ago, but to this day still feel amazing in it every time I put it on.  The dress came with a leather belt, which sits high above the hips, making my waist look narrow and creating an hour glass shape.  What I love most about the dress is it's old Hollywood glam factor, which reminds me of Audry Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."  I always wear a bold lipstick and my hair slicked back in a tight bun with the dress to achieve the classic Hepburn look.
    I purchased the lace dress a few months ago for a wedding and at the time I was obsessed with finding a dress that had shear lace above the chest, but was solid black lace everywhere else.  I wore this dress with a  Swarovski crystal bracelet, which I ordered from Bloomingdales and tear drop Cubic Zirconia earrings from a website called  I discovered the site when I was looking for a pair of faux emerald tear drop earrings like the ones Angelina Jolie wore to the 2009 Oscars.  Emitation's jewelery is made with high quality stones, but is extremely affordable because they sell replicas of jewelry worn by celebrities on the red carpet.  Hence, they are imitations of much more expensive pieces.  I have had only good experiences with the site and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve that red carpet look while staying on a budget.
    So ladies keep on wearing those black dresses, but try to select ones that have a wow factor to them like crystal embellishments, satin ruffles, lace, or figure accentuating ruching.  This will ensure that your look is glamorous and anything but boring!

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