Sunday, February 3

Fashion Bowl

    What's a girly girl to do on Super Bowl Sunday when the rest of the country is watching football and going to Super Bowl parties?  Have a Fashion Bowl, of course!  This year I've decided to host my very first annual Fashion Bowl.  With our pink Cosmos and Skinny Girl margaritas in hand, the ladies and I ready for a night of watching Sex and the City marathons and trashy reality tv shows.  Of course, we will also be playing a few Fashion Bowl games of our own.  With it being award season Fashion Police's "Love It or Hate It?" and "Guess the Mess" only seem appropriate for rating red carpet looks from this year's Golden Globes and Sag Awards. 
     What would a Fashion Bowl be without some online shopping?  Rather than dealing with the crowds at the mall, the ladies and I will be partaking in some online splurging tonight.  Fortunately, Banana Republic (who's giving 30% off) and a few other retailers are running special promotions and sales to attract female customers who, like myself, could not care less about football.  The way I see it the Fashion Bowl is much more fun and less stress than the actual Super Bowl because everyone wins and there's no gambling involved.
     As I mentioned in my post about the upcoming trends for this Spring and Summer vibrant colored accessories are all the rage right now.  For this reason, I'm now on a mission to find yellow teardrop earrings and a yellow bangle or chunky necklace to go with that Michael Kors canary and silver chain link clutch that I've been eying.  I envision wearing the bag with my new white skinny jeans, a white tank, black blazer and black and gold studded Dior gladiator heels.  Seeing how it's only a matter of time before the clutch is mine, all mine, naturally I need to get some matching accessories to go with the purse! I've already come across a few pieces I admire at Bloomy's and Francesca's Collections, however I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pieces. Here's to a game winning night at the Fashion Bowl!!

Here's a look at some of the accessories I've been pondering:

Canary yellow goes great with turquoise so I thought about getting this necklace as well:

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