Wednesday, February 20

Nail Trends

Stiletto nails with cheetah print, block colors, and rhinestones
   We've all got ten little accessories right at our fingertips, so why not use them?  Today, the number of nail trends and colors are so varied that they allow for tremendous self expression.  Gone are the days of wearing squared off nails with a classic french tip.  Nowadays women are sporting manicures with everything from blue, green, and purple polish to plaid, glitter, and animal print embellishments.  I've also noticed bolder and more daring nails in the workplace- even in the courtroom!  This being said, I'm amazed that more women haven't embraced these trends.  Getting your nails done may take time and money, but I promise you it's a modest investment and one that is well worth the expense.    
   As someone who regularly gets manicures it is important for me to stay current on all the latest nail trends. Two of the biggest trends right now are stiletto nails (nails with sharp pointed edges) and glittery nails.  I must admit, however, that stiletto nails are probably one trend I won't be trying any time soon- I prefer to wear stilettos on my feet.  Although, the claw look may not be for me, if it appeals to you I recommend giving it a try.  What I have tried and love is the glitter nail trend.  Statement nails are an easy way to dress up any look and I think glitter polish is great for wearing to concerts, on New Years or to holiday parties, and even just for fun.  One of my favorite shimmery colors is "Confetti Fun" by OPI.  Revlon also recently came out with its "Moon Candy" line that makes achieving a multidimensional, cosmic look at home an easy two step process.  All nine shades of "Moon Candy" come in a double edged bottle, which combines a matte base coat on one end and an iridescent top coat on the other.  Layering the shimmery top coat on the deep base creates an awesome 3D effect that is out of this world.
    As for a timeless nail color that never goes out of style, go with a classic, but bold and sexy shade of red.  I'm a fan of "Apertif" and "Escapades" by Essie or "Red So Hot it Berns" by OPI.  For a more dramatic look in the fall/winter seasons I prefer hues of dark purple, grey and cocoa.  I recommend "Smokin Hot" and "Merino Cool" by Essie or "Chocolate Modore" by Lancome.  "Bermuda Shorts," "Bachelorette Bash" and "Big Spender" (all made by Essie) are my favorite hot pink shades to highlight that golden tan in the summer. 
   Next time you're looking for an inexpensive way to spice up your look consider trying one of these nail trends.

Revlon Moon Candy Polish

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    Spoken like a true professional and knowledgable consumer....thanks for some great advice !!