Saturday, February 9

Style Evolution

    I have a milestone birthday coming up in a few months and as I approach the big 30 I find myself reevaluating my style and wardrobe choices.  I believe every woman should periodically assess her style to make sure that it is up to date and not stuck in a time warp.  While certain fashion trends do repeat in 30 year cycles a woman in 2013 should not be holding onto her 1990s style in hopes that her wardrobe will eventually become fashionable again.
    My current style evolution was prompted by thoughts of whether I was dressing appropriately for a 30 year old woman or if I was dressing too young for my age.  In the process of evaluating my own style I noticed is a bit of a "Peter Pan" syndrome amongst women.  In what seems like an effort to stall the aging process women in their 30s to 60s are dressing younger and younger.  Whether they're doing it to prove to the world (or themselves) that they've still got it or are subconsciously doing it to cope with the aging process, women need to be more selective in choosing looks that are appropriate for their age. 
    The women affected by the "Peter Pan" syndrome fall into two categories- those that dress like they’re still in their twenties and those who seem to take fashion advice from their five year old daughters.  The women dressing like their teenage and twenty-something daughters are easy to spot.  They're either wearing midriff baring tops, have the girls hanging out everywhere, skin tight dresses, extremely short skirts or low cut jeans.  Regardless of how good these women 's bodies may still look it's time for them to hang up the club attire.  It is possible to be sexy and show a little skin without looking like a slut.  It's also possible to take years off your true age by dressing more youthful.  The two are not diametrically opposed.  Kris Kardashian (mother of the Kardashian sisters) is the perfect example.  She's 57 and looks at least 15 years younger.  The trick is she knows what kinds of clothes flatter her shape and make her look younger, without appearing trashy.   Dressing one's age does not mean you need to put on your mom jeans, but you should be dressing in more sophisticated fashion than you did in your younger days.  This ensures that you command attention for only the right reasons.  
    The other group of women trying to defy age through their dress may not be as flashy, but their style is equally inappropriate.  These women likely shop at the Disney Store or Children's Place as their attire consists mainly of clothes adorned with Disney characters, taffeta, polka dots and bows.  No matter how cute your five year old thinks you look in your Minnnie Mouse sweater or your Tweety bird shorts these looks are not appropriate for women of any age.
    In conclusion, a maturing woman does not need to dress frumpy in order to look her age, but she should come to terms with the fact that her 20s and preteen years are behind her.  As someone who is approaching her 30s my wardrobe is pretty diverse.  It consists of anything from skinny jeans and cropped blazers for going out and weekend looks to suits, high-waisted pencil skirts with button downs or wrap dresses for work.  Ladies, don't be afraid to throw away your school girl skirts, thigh highs and combat boots.  Embrace your age and get ready for your next style evolution! 

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