Monday, February 4

Fashionista to the Rescue!

   Late Friday evening I was contacted by my friend, who's a "bride to be" with a fashion emergency.  To her dismay, it seemed as though her dream wedding shoe was sold out every where.  Luckily for her, she knew that if any one could find the shoe it was me!  Seeing how I stop at nothing to get what I want, naturally I wouldn't give up until I found the Ivory satin pump with crystal embellishment for her.  After listening to her cries for help I sprung into action and immediately called Nordstrom customer service to locate the Glint "Radiance" open toe pump.  No matter where in the country I located the shoe I knew that she could order it over the phone and have it shipped directly to her.  With my persistence and that of the customer service rep, who understood that you just don't disappoint a bride, we located a pair at the Easton Center Mall in Columbus, Ohio.  Next, the rep provided me with the store's number, which I immediately called to order the shoes and have them shipped to my friend for her special day.  Even though I knew the store would be closing in 20 minutes I wasted no time in calling because if my friend was anything like me she was not going to be able to sleep until these shoes were on their way!
    While the thought of endlessly searching for these shoes may have been too much of a challenge for my friend, it was one that I looked forward to.  Fortunately, it was rather simple and I loved every moment of the hunt.  Just a few calls to customer service and some department stores and her dream shoes became a reality.
     Besides this happy ending, I am also still relishing in the excitment from last night's Fashion Bowl. The night was a huge success because I scored not one, but three yellow casading necklaces from and each necklace cost less than $20.  For those readers who may not know, Etsy is an e-commerce website where people can buy and sell handmade or vintage items including art, photography, clothing, and jewelry. I just discovered the site in my hunt for the perfect yellow accessories for my yellow MK clutch and white skinny jeans and so far am loving it.  Of course, once I receive the merchandise I will report back on my satisfication with using the site.  For now, I can barely wait until my accessories arrive so that I can complete my much anticipated look for Spring/Summer 2013!
     Lesson of the day:  if you have a fashion emergency I'm your girl.

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